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6 Vertical 4 axis CNC milling centersa.) HAAS VF-2: 10,000rpm; 1,000 IPM; Hi-Speed Machine Center

  1. b.) HAAS VF-OE: 15,000rpm Hi-Speed Machine Center
  2. c.) HAAS VF-OE: 7,500rpm Machine Center
  3. d.) NTC NV4S: 8,000rpm w/Pallet changer; coolant through spindle;
  4. e.) HAAS VF-3: 7,500rpm Hi-Speed ; Coolant through spindle
  5. f.) HAAS VF-2: 7,500rpm; 710 IPM

3 -True 4th Axis Indexers for use on all HAAS milling centers
4- CNC angle heads for use on all milling centers
Extensive inventory of milling center holders; tooling; etc.
Milling Center Software
a.) Solidworks: 208 SB1
b.) SurfCAM –2 seats
-3 Axis Plus
-2.5 Axis Plus

2 Fully automated CNC lathes with Bar Feed

  1. a.) Hyundai HiT 85
  2. b.) HAAS SL20: Servo Bar 300

Chevalier FSG-1224AD CNC Grinder
3 CNC Press Brakes

  1. a.) Premier 25 ton 4 ft. press brake 3 axis; w/precision tooling
  2. b.) AccurPress 100 ton 10 ft. press brake 3 axis; w/precision tooling
  3. c.) AccurPress 320 ton 12 ft. press brake 6 axis; w/precision tooling

Cincinnati 12 ft sheer
Thermwood CNC Dual Head 5 ft x 10ft Router
Wilton Tapping Arm
Laser: MAZAK NTX 48/1500 4’ x 8’ x 1500 watt Punch
Amada Pega 344 / 58 Station Turret Press
Welder:Miller Dynasty 350 Heli-Arc Welder
Welder: Lincoln 350MP Pulse Mig Welder with Push-Pull System

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